Parental Alienation

A report was recently undertaken conducted by Good Egg Safety for Parental Alienation UK. The report can be accessed by providing your email in the below link.

The report lays bare for the first time the devastation, financial ruin, and mental health issues many have suffered as a result, which are not widely known due to the secrecy of UK Family Court procedure.

Key findings from the survey were:

  • Almost half of respondents have not seen their child for more than six months.

  • 1 in 10 have not seen their child for more than 5 years.

  • 58% have had their child arrangement orders breached, most multiple times.

  • 80% have experienced adverse health impacts.

  • 55% have suffered serious financial impact.

  • 16 respondents had contemplated or attempted suicide.

Jan James, CEO of Good Egg Safety CIC, said:

"We challenge anyone to read this report and not feel deeply moved by it. It is the worst social issue we have ever encountered. The harmful parental behaviours identified exposed a clear pattern of psychological abuse and coercive control.

"It is imperative this brutal form of family violence – where children are effectively used as weapons against one of their parents – be included within our new Domestic Abuse Bill."