Our Team


Alex Reid

Born in Aldershot in 1975, Alex is a founder member of the Bob Reid Foundation and it is after his father that this organisation is named. Bullied as a child, Alex entered the military and became well known to the public as a mixed martial arts fighter. Thereafter, he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2010. Not only that, he went on to win the series despite the odds being against him. Alex became a regular on our TV screens including appearances on Hollyoaks. He is open to discussing mental health issues and has quite clearly used negative experiences as a way of finding an optimistic future. Alex’s private life has been well documented over the media, often being misinterpreted. It is to his credit that he has become a valuable member of our team. Having spent years in the Family Court, he is able to provide invaluable experience and an air of calm to the Foundation. Always reasonable and able to look at issues in a sensible and controlled manner, Alex’s passion to help change the Family Court system from within in a non-confrontational manner is exemplary.

Jon Feld BRF.jpg

Jon Feld

In 2014, after a career in contract publishing, Jon set up Legal Intelligence London Ltd (LIL) as an independent paralegal firm to assist Litigants-In-Person under the new Direct Access project then availabale to the general public.

Jon has been involved with approximately 50 cases and allied matters, acting as paralegal support to Counsel and representings clients directly in Proceedings as a McKenzie Friend (MF). Jon's name is listed as the case registered MF in High Court & Family Court Orders prescribed by Senior Circuit and District Judges. Jon was also one of the key witnesses, alongside Home Office top brass, in the 2018 official Government Investigation into the Windrush scandal. He solely represented the keynote Windrush victim in the investigation. 

Karen Ryder.jpg

Karen Ryder

Born in Leigh in 1974, Karen is also a founder member of the Foundation having experienced many years in the Family Court. Karen is a NHS worker, managing a team of other NHS professionals. Karen has a PGCE in Leadership and Management which is a priceless asset to us. Her ability to assist in change management helps us move with the times. Karen is a single mother of two and takes pride in her ability to maintain a happy family life whilst also dedicating her time to others. She believes firmly in effective co-parenting and seeks to promote the same. Karen first met a McKenzie friend in 2018 and admittedly presented as being nervous and unsure. Karen and her representative successfully negotiated a court case in the best interests of the child who now spends meaningful time with the father without protracted Court appearances. Karen has become empowered through this process and is of great assistance in matters of domestic abuse. 2 years on, Karen, Alex and Jon were part of a support social media group and created the Bob Reid Foundation! Karen has become the emotional support for the group members. Her demeanour is calm, consistent and honest.