Our Mission

We want transparency in the courts with cases and judges open to public scrutiny as a matter of public interest.

We will of course protect a child's anonymity in child protection cases, but there must be good cause, as in the past, the so-called safe guarding of the child's details has not protected the child, but in fact only served to protect all of the officials involved surrounding the case, with no ramifications for their ill judgement. This has historically not only damaged the child, but has had a horrendous effect on all the family involved, causing continuous ongoing pain and suffering.

We also want the burden of proof regarding criminal allegations to be reassessed as allegations which in the criminal courts cover extreme penalties and are proved to be dishonest in family proceedings, causing extreme damage, are very different in the Family Courts.

We do not wish to destroy the system in place, we wish to help it, as we understand the problems that the courts up and down the country are facing with not enough resources to properly administer cases. It’s been reported for many involved in the foundation of how many judges haven’t had the time to properly acquaint themselves with the case they are on and so are often playing catch-up, going over old ground which was discussed in previous cases whereby a repeating theme which is being reported daily, is, orders are continually and flagrantly being broken and abused without any ramification to parentally alienating parent.

We are not anti judges, or anti the system, we want to help to repair it from its dysfunctionality which, although it may seem like having judges held up to public scrutiny from open courts, we have painstakingly witnessed over decades how the lack of transparency has led to sloppiness and misery for all involved.

Although there is a judiciary appeal system, it has unfortunately failed to stop unnecessary misery and ongoing pain.

We offer help and advice, with a team of tried and tested McKenzie friends and Paralegal professionals, to handle the smooth transition into a one day, functional Family Court.