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BRF Legal is the arm of the foundation offering legal services from our experienced team. They have a wealth of experience in the Family Court and are familiar with the court procedure.  

Jon Feld is our senior paralegal. Since 2014, he has been involved in over 50 complicated cases.

Jon and his team also provide support to Barristers during cases. He has appeared at the High Court and all other Courts below.


Perhaps Jon’s most worthy accomplishment was as a key official witness in the 2018 official Government investigation in to the Windrush scandal where he solely represented the victim. Unafraid to ask for the right to speak on his client’s behalf in Court, Jon is based in the South of England.

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BRF Legal offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation to assess your case. Our pricing structure has to be negotiable and is based on the complexity of each case.


We work on a rough guide that each Hearing will be priced at £300 which is inclusive of statement and paperwork preparation. Should the Hearing be longer than one day, each day after the first is charged at £150. Travel and accommodation cost is added should it be needed. Wherever possible we aim to keep our costs low as we recognise, perhaps more than anyone, the financial strain upon people during stressful times.

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