Blurry Lights

Change From Within

Over the years many groups have tried to vociferously campaign for change in the Family Court. Like many others, we believe the current system is broken beyond repair and in need of a complete overhaul. We too want change.

Our approach however is non-confrontational as we seek to change the system from within.  Being fortunate enough to have legal support working at the core of Family Division, our aim is to draw attention to the heart breaking stories of our members to effect a positive overhaul.

Our stories are all so similar, yet all so very different. Each of our members has struggled
emotionally with the Family Court and the organisations associated with it. Our plight is to
make the judiciary aware of the harm being caused to parents and children all over the land
by an overcrowded and underfunded system. Curiosity is at the core of our modus operandi.
In essence, we carry on doing what we set out to do which is to assist people through the
minefield of the Family Court and attract others along that journey. Word of mouth is a
powerful tool when a good reputation is intact. 

As and when the time is right, we shall publish each story and draw attention to it online
and through the media to promote positive change. By assisting people at grass roots, we
gain another story which can be anonymously published once the case is over and attention
is drawn to that person’s plight. The more members we have, the more stories we have, and the more attention we can draw to the injustice within the Family Division.  

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