Why Bob Reid?

Bob Reid army.jpeg

Bob Reid was born in Walthamstow during WW2.

He was the second youngest of four boys.  A sister died when Bob was just 10 years old and his mother tragically passed away in the same year.

Bob was always sporty and athletic but also artistic and ingenious with his hands in crafting and creating things.

Bob joined the Parachute Regiment of the British Army when he was just 17. He served for three years, fighting in Cyprus in 1956 against the EOKA terrorists. He subsequently joined the famed Army boxing team to avoid laborious army duties, and trained as a fighter instead.

When Bob met his (soon to be wife) Carol, at an army boxing dance night, in Aldershot, he immediately fell in love with her and decided to provide and care for a new family and settle down to family life.

Bob became a pacifist overnight. Full of love and compassion, he became a successful builder. 
Bob had many friends, and was always the life and soul of the party, even though he had witnessed much misery and sadness.

Bob, who was extremely artistic and loved to sculpt as an outlet for his emotions, never complained and just got on with things.

Roll on a few years and Grandpa Bob, who was father to 6 children, and grandfather to 8, was accused of the most horrendous things, all found to be lies in a fact finding by a judge.

Yet these lies, which caused such pain and damage, still were allowed to endure and ultimately stopped the kindest man who had nothing but love and compassion for all children.

Not being able to come to terms with the never ending injustice, Bob became literally driven mad and his last years were unfortunately filled with misery and despair.

From the first dose of ongoing allegations followed by endless court hearings from 2013, Bob started to complain of  headaches and insomnia. He lost weight substantially, by way of no appetite.

After numerous visits to the doctors he was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2015.

Bob unfortunately passed just a month later.

On his deathbed he lay there dying, crying out for someone he had been denied access to.

Due to a reporting restriction we are unable to tell you the full story.

When Bob was asked what his number one quality he thought was the best, he said unequivocally - ‘kindness’.

Bob Reid, although a very strong, driven and determined man, was also a man of great love and compassion!

He remains and will forever remain the eternal flame who brought justice to injustice..